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This wiki is dedicated to the game: Fall of Eden, made by Alder. Alder does not currently have anything to do with this wiki or any of its content. This wiki takes no part in the creation of the game: Fall of Eden, or any of its counterparts.

Due to the nature of this wiki, viewer discretion is advised. Consent of the viewing of this site is done through that of the parents of any children younger than 18-21 (the lowest required for your state). If you are not 18 or older, leave now!

Note: I just made the Wiki Public! Hopefully, this will influence more edits due to anonymity being allowed. If problems occur, then I will change it back to Member-edits only. Those who were already a member, will remain a member of the wiki. Feel free to invite more members! Sincerely, Deathdealers747

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Policies of this Wiki

  • Temporary: Anyone can view and edit the information, membership is not necessary!
  • Discussions are to be made on the Wiki page itself and must be related to said page.
  • Only 5 organizers of the wiki are allowed, so do not ask to be an organizer, you will be appointed as such if the existing organizers feel that you deserve it.
    EDIT: Requests to be an organizer are now accepted, but background checks will be in effect, and requesting does not ensure you a spot as one.
  • Please, refrain from using vulgar, harassment, threats of violence, or anything unsettling on this wiki. If you are caught doing so, you will be removed as a member and most likely banned. Due to the strict nature of this wiki's origin / game it's based off of, you are allowed to speak in a civilized language regarding content within the game. For example, instead of saying "Brutally fucked," use "Brutally ravaged."
  • Remember to preview your edits before saving them. Drafts are saved upon previewing an item, so do not worry if you lose internet connection or your browser crashes. If you truly feel that insecure about it, then write it in an MS Word doc or an OpenOffice Writing document before placing it onto the wiki page. This should save you time and worry of losing your content. You could also select from the drop-down list to "Save and Continue" to keep working, while you know that your content has been saved.

Editing and Usage of this Wiki

  • If you need help with anything, feel free to ask the organizers of the wiki, but all of the information that you need to know can be found in the Help section, which is found on the top-right corner of your screen, next to your name and "My Wikis" links.
  • Pictures can be uploaded, but must be kept organized and pertaining to the content here - if it does not pertain to the content of Fall of Eden, it will most likely be removed. The naming of the pictures should be in proper order, but is not necessary.
  • If you start a new page for a character or NPC that is only available in Debug mode, then you must state so at the top of the page, then provide a Horizontal Rule to separate the information.

Helping out Alder

Want to help Alder any way you can?
  • Well, for starters, you can help by contributing to this wiki and help others find out more information about the game.
  • You can also help by submitting content to him for the game. He is taking any help that he can get, on the condition that you follow his FoE Formatting Guide. It is recommended that you submit a sample via email to him, before writing the entire content, due to the fact that he may desire you to write certain content that he wants done, rather than any content that you wish to add. Someone else might be doing that content, so don't get jumpy and start writing without ever sending him an email first! His email can be found at the top of the FoE Formatting Guide or on his contact information page on this wiki.

Posts Feed from Fenoxo.com

Fenoxo's Blog
  • [Backer Build] Milking TiTS by Fenoxo Monday
    I got the bare bones of the milk system sorted out. There’s no items for starting lactation yet, but if you can bump into the younger venus pitchers enough, you should be able to start down the path of milkhood. Alternatively, save editing m...
  • Happy Easter! by Fenoxo Sunday
    TiTS got two egg-themed backer patches today! Notes over here. FoE got some UI updates (see the post below). Have some delicious egg-doodles Pee-kay was kind enough to share in Fenchat earlier today and enjoy what’s left of the holiday (futa...
  • FoE – 0.3f experimental by Alder Sunday
    Testing out some interesting things with Fall of Eden. This “update” doesn’t have any new content. This isn’t the official 0.3f, I just want some feedback on the new GUI. The regular version is still available. I’m wo...
  • Easter! Writing! by Fenoxo Apr 19, 2014
    Just a heads up that tomorrow I intend to do some Easter-themed work for TiTS. If anyone has any oviposition, egg, or candy-themed ideas they want to jam out into a fully fleshed event, I’ll be paging through the TiTS event submissions in se...
  • TiTS Free Build Updated by Fenoxo Apr 16, 2014
    The freebie build of TiTS has been updated to the latest both here and on furaffinity. Patch notes are a little long to build up in their entirety, but the second planet is now accessible along with three new enemies. There’s some other bits...